to Find The Best Replica Watches

PRLog (Press Release) Dec. 23, 2009 There are many replica watches with different prices sold in the market and on the internet. Their prices varies from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, even the two replica watches with same appearance are sold at different prices. Because the movement and the material used in these watches differ from each other. In fact, in the market, especially in Asia, there are 3 grades existed among replica watches.

Grade 1: Swiss replica watches(AAA)

These replica watches are crafted from a 1:1 block from the original, so they are greatly in demand. The biggest difference between them and the other replicas is the movement. The Swiss “AAA” replica watches use 25 jewel Swiss 28362 movement or 27 jewel Swiss ETA movement, which is identical to the original.

Second, the “AAA” replicas use genuine sapphire crystal, to test the face of the watch, you can drag a razor across its surface, the sapphire crystal won’t scratch.

Third, the “AAA” watches use 440 or higher grade of steel.

These three guidelines will help you when you are searching a highest quality replica watch like this.

Grade 2: Asian ETA replica watches(A)

These replicas also use the ETA movement, and each part of the movement is made in Swiss, then they are assembled into a whole movement in Asia. So, they are called “Asian replica watches”.

Some features of Asian ETA watches:

Top quality Asian ETA movement

Sapphire crystal or mineral crystal

solid 316 steel

Grade 3: Asian replica watches(B)

Typically, an Asian replica watch of this grade is often much lighter than the original, may also often use quartz movement instead of automatic movement. These movements are all made in China, and are plated with stainless steel.

In order to save the cost, the case of this grade watch is hollow, and is made from scrap. So these Asian replicas are sold at a low price, no more than $40.

For example, some bad Asian replica Rolex watches use a clear display, or “skeleton” caseback, as you know, the genuine Rolex does not make such a watch.

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