Rookie IRA Investor’s Comments on SSNLF

´╗┐Rookie IRA Investor’s Comments on SSNLF

That is true, but you should read the accounts of what went on in the jury room. Apparently the jury foreman misled all the other jurors by “explaining” why prior art was irrelevant in this case by an argument that was not made in court and would not have been accepted in court. Also I am not so sure that the jury did hear ALL the relevant evidence as it appears that some of the evidence that Samsung wanted to put before the jury was excluded by the judge. Everyone who buys one of those knows it is just a cheap watch with the Rolex logo on it that people can show off to their friends as a novelty item.

Nov 25 06:22 PMIt has climbed quite a bit recently. Since that time the stock has been in an uptrend, though it did pull back on Friday with the general market. This should either return you about 20% in a year, or else you will get put the stock at a lower price so that you will have a 1/2 position at a markedly lower average net per share than the current price. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

May 6 10:58 AMCorruption in foreign jurisdictions, as in the US, is certainly an issue, and really you want to be sure that whatever corruption there exists, is working in your favor, not against you.

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